Saturday, June 23, 2012

Conquering the __________

The blank page. The white canvas. The "No Posts" sign on a new blog. That annoying blinking line on the computer screen taunting your very ability to form words. The creator in us must do battle with these monsters every time we attempt to enter the castle of inspiration.

We wonder how to get past these monsters. Where do we begin? Here is the "entirely too simplistic" answer. To conquer a page, write a word. Any word. My personal favorite is supercalafragalisticexpialidotious but use your own judgment. To conquer a canvas, one small stroke of paint. Pick a color, any color. Anything but white. For the new blog, well you can do as I do. Write a ridiculous blog that makes very little sense but is humorous enough to make people chuckle at how little sense it makes...Honestly the way to conquer the blank is the same no matter what your medium of choice. At the risk of sounding like Nike...JUST DO IT. The first stroke of paint does not have to be Monet. Truthfully, it will probably more like Picasso...The consumers you want are those who will stay past the first stroke of paint, past the first sentence, and past the first blog post. The valuable consumers are those who stick with you as you grow in your art.

Keep Calm and Create.



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