Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Book Page Canvas

I have seen many posts about the "book page canvas" on blogs, Pinterest, etc. Being a confessed bookworm I LOVED the idea of using book pages in an art piece. I did find some great ideas and how to's on other sites but I found some details lacking. I used the information that I could gather and through a little trial and error found my way through the process. Though I am sure that anyone who creates their own canvas will find better ways of doing some things I would like to share some great things I learned while creating mine.

You will need:
          Large Brush/Sponge
          Modge Podge
          Acryllic paint
          Artist brushes

1) Choose a canvas that is the appropriate size for your choice of artwork.
                 *The canvas shown in the photos is______.
                 * I found Hobby Lobby has the best priced canvases and also has a relatively large selection.

2) Choose a book that you don't mind pulling apart.
                 * The size of the pages doesn't really matter.

3) I began my canvas using a large stencil sponge but found it soaked up more glue than it put on the canvas.    So I switched over to a large paint brush and found that it worked much better.
                 * The brush I used was a 1" (pictured)
                 * These brushes can be found at Walmart, Michael's, Hobby Lobby, etc.

4) For paper on canvas the original Modge Podge works best.
                 * I used Paper Modge Podge first but it will not adhere to the canvas. Use original.
                 * I used the matte because I wanted a soft vintage look but the gloss will look very nice also.
                 * This kind of Modge Podge can generally be found at Walmart.

5) Choose color pallet. Depending on the kind of decoration you intend to use you may need 3-5 different colors. I used 6 colors because I like having an extra neutral color to mix with the others if needed.
                * Be sure to use acrylic paint. Oil paint will take much longer to dry.
                * These paints can be found at Michael's or Walmart for under $1.

6) Choose decoration. You may prefer to do simply text or even try some freehand art. Whatever you decide, plan out your embellishment first.
                  * I made a prototype of my canvas with paper and colored pencils.
                  * Use the correct sizes for your prototype so as to ensure good arrangements for balance.
                  * I chose a medium sized stencil. These can be found at nearly every craft store.

Once you have all of your supplies ready you can begin your project. I generally prefer to cover my craft table with a layer of newspaper before I begin a project like this.This keeps your table free of paint and glue spatters and provides ease in cleanup when you are finished. 

1) Using your brush/sponge, apply a layer of Modge Podge directly to your canvas and place a page over it. Smooth out any wrinkles with your fingers and be sure the edges are secure. Continue this process until the canvas is covered.
                     * Only apply Modge Podge where you are immediately going to place a page.
                     * Pages can be applied in any design you prefer. Straight or collage.

2) Allow finished canvas to dry over night.

3) Apply a good coat of Modge Podge over the entire canvas to seal everything in. Pay special attention to the edges of the pages and the corners of the canvas. Be sure there are no loose edges.

Hint: If you are doing embellishment and text, apply embellishment first. It is easier to work around the art with text than vice versa. 

5)Apply your embellishment. You may use glitter and glue, matte paint, glitter paint, etc. Any kind of color to achieve the look you want. 
                       * Modge Podge can also be used to apply glitter to your canvas.
                       * As stated above, use ACRYLIC paint on your canvas. 

6) Apply your text. You may use a stencil or write freehand.  How you apply your text all depends on the look you are going for. 
                      * Stenciled letters look very neat and precise and give the piece a professional feel.
                      * Freehand letters look free and easy and give the piece a more personal feel.

7) Apply a thin layer of glitter paint in selected areas if you prefer. I lightly dusted my birds with some thin glitter paint. The glitter will catch the light and had some lovely shine to the piece. 

And fin! You are done! This process can be used with any size canvas and nearly any type of page you desire. The canvas is a wonderful place to show off your personality and just have some fun. Add your own touches and really express yourself! I hope this tutorial is helpful to you and gives you some ideas for your own creation! 

Keep Calm and Modge Podge.



P.S. I'd love to see/hear how your book page canvas went! Post some pictures and let me know what awesome ideas and tricks you have discovered!

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