Monday, July 30, 2012

DIY Anytime Centerpieces

As most of you know, for the past month or so my mom and I have been planning my sister-in-law's baby shower. One of my favorite things in the world is flowers. Any flowers. No matter where I am I simply must have a vase of flowers. So when thinking about centerpieces I knew that I had to go floral. When planning a party on a budget, it is important to use as many reusable items as possible. For this reason, I chose these Mason Jar centerpieces. These easy centerpieces incorporated my love of all things floral without breaking the bank. Mason Jars are pretty much a universal item and can be used in innumerable ways. To bring together the centerpiece look I added clear glass stones to the bottom of the jar, a raffia bow, and some simple flowers. These centerpieces are simple, elegant, and can be fitted to virtually any motif. Here is a short tutorial on how to put them together. At the bottom you will find a few variation ideas to create some different looks. Enjoy!

1) Gather needed Mason Jars.
        * Because they would be the focal point of the table, we used 1qt jars to create the presence needed.
        * You can make as many or as few of these as you would like. They will brighten up any table or bar.
        * We made a couple extra for take home gifts and prizes for my sister-in-law and the game winners.

2) Choose glass stones.
        * We used clear glass stones to catch the natural light and add a little sparkle to the jar.
        * The color of the stones can be changed according to your color scheme/motif.

3) Put approximately 3/4 cup of stones in the bottom of each jar.

4) Tie a few strings of raffia under the rim of the jar.
        * You can use as much or as little raffia as you like.
        * A few thicker strands will look cleaner and fray less. More fine strands will add volume.

5) Choose flowers.
        * We used baby pink and antique white roses. The color/flower can vary depending on your motif.

6) Cut and arrange flowers.
        * The height of your flowers will depend on the look you want to achieve.
        * To make a few flowers look like more, cut the stems shorter and plant them together in the stones.
        * For a more breezy, open look, make the stems a little taller and allow the flowers to fall away.
        * Remember to stagger the height of your stems to add depth and visual interest to your centerpiece.

There are many variations on this centerpiece that will completely change the look while keeping the same idea. For example, instead of raffia you could use ribbon. Ribbon will add a bit more elegance and sophistication whereas the raffia is a bit more rustic. Also, the different types of flowers will change the look drastically. One of the great things about these jars is that they can handle pretty much any kind of flower you could want to use. Finally, your choice of stones will complete the look you are going for. Places like Walmart will generally have the clear glass and a couple other color choices. However, you are more likely to find a larger selection at a craft store (i.e. Michael's or Hobby Lobby) if you prefer something more unique. I have used clear glass and colored glass stones as well as some river rock in these jars and each of them looked fabulous. Go crazy and let your creativity go wild. Don't be afraid to bring a Mason Jar with you and try different kinds of rock to get a feel for what you want. You may get some funny looks but hey, you are a crafter! Go for it!!!

As always I would LOVE to hear what kind of wonderful things y'all have come up with. Let me know how amazing your centerpieces looked and any other cool ideas you discovered!

Keep Calm and DIY


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