Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Homemade Lemon Bath Salts

My mom and I are planning a baby shower and were absolutely stumped for favor ideas. Until, that is, we found a recipe for homemade bath salts. Genius! Turning this insanely easy recipe into a beautiful favor was a snap. Whether you use this idea for party favors or as holiday gifts, you are guaranteed to please! Enjoy!

                3 cups Epsom salts (any brand will do)
                1 tsp. lemon juice
                1 tsp. sugar
                Add food coloring for desired color

1) Select container. For an elegant vintage look we decided on Mason Jars.
                * The size of jar will depend on the use of the gift. We used 1/2 pint jars for the favors.
                * Glass canisters, bottles, vials, or pretty much any kind of sealed container will work fine.

2) Select candles. We used unscented white tealights.
                 * The type of candle will depend on the size of your container.
                 * Consider fragrance and color of both the candle and the salts. Be sure they blend well.
    Caution: If you decide on a scented candle be sure it will not clash with the scent of the salts.

2) Wash out containers and dry well.
                * Be sure the containers are completely dry to avoid the salts clumping.

3) Mix up the salts.
                * Because of the lemon fragrance we used yellow coloring
                * The salts pictured have one drop of coloring in them. For darker color add more drops.
    Caution: Coloring drops go a long way. Add one drop at a time to avoid a darker color than you want.

4) Spoon salts into container.
                * Fill to just under the ledge.

5a) For tealight candles:
      Gently press the candle into the middle of the salts until they come even with the rim of the candle.
                * Lightly blowing on the top of the candle will remove any stray salts.

5b) For taller candles:
      Gently press candle into the middle of the salts until the candle can stand steadily when you jiggle the jar.

6) Replace the lid.

7) Finish off with a few strands of raffia tied in a bow.

And it is just that easy, Folks! I hope you find a million uses for this little project. I'd love to hear about your great ideas! Write me and let me know!

Keep Calm and DIY


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